Access Venture Partners: Early Stage Venture Capital, Cloud Computing, Efficiency Technology, New Media, Data Integrity - ABOUT

Access Venture Partners is an early stage venture capital fund. Together over the past 14 years, the partners at Access Venture Partners have invested in over fifty early stage companies and have served as founders and early executives of numerous companies. Through this experience we have built an understanding of how to navigate the challenges associated with building successful companies and drive them to success.

Our passion is helping entrepreneurs build great companies. We do much more than merely supplying capital; we actively participate in building the management and distribution infrastructure required to aggressively grow new businesses. As investors, we wear many hats in supporting our portfolio companies, helping to design sales and marketing strategies, define product road maps, recruit talent and raise capital.

Our Investment Focus

We have offices in Austin and Denver and invest throughout North America. Access typically makes its initial investment as part of the first institutional round and often continues investing in subsequent rounds. Our current investment activity is focused on the following areas of interest:

• Efficiency Technologies
• Data Security and Storage
• Digital Media and Consumer Internet
• Cloud Computing

No list would be exhaustive; we also keep an open mind and consider unique opportunities. In general, we look for high gross-margin businesses in large markets, not narrow niches.

Our Investment Criteria

We understand that seed stage companies are human chemistry experiments. In the 50 plus deals we have done, we have gained significant insight into the types of people that turn good ideas into real businesses. The technology and market opportunity only matter if our companies operate with high-margin revenue streams and as financially efficient organizations.

Each company must have:

• Exceptional Management. To succeed, early stage companies need great leadership, with the ability to not only understand the economics of the business, but also build and scale the organization in a culture where people love to work.
• Demand-Pull in Large or Rapidly Emerging Markets. Our portfolio companies must serve a very large market and have a distinct competitive advantage. The product or service needs to create a strong market pull, and be a “must have” that solves a large problem, not a nice tool or accessory.
• Efficient Operations. We invest in companies that efficiently drive to revenues with the ability to effectively moderate cash burn when things do not go as planned.
• Fat Operating Margins. In order to scale, a technology company must generate high gross operating margins and demonstrate clear differentiation from its competitors.

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