Access Venture Partners invests in early stage companies led by exceptional management teams with the passion and ability to build world class organizations that can redefine markets — and maybe even change the world.

We focus on technology-based businesses that have the seeds of a great management team and the ability to grow at “venture pace” in a large addressable market with strong gross margins. While we do more of our investing locally, we will invest in companies across the United States. Our investments are driven by the quality of the company leadership, our connections to them from people we know and the compelling dynamics of their business.

We invest in companies that fit within three stages of growth with most investments in Early Growth stage companies. Because of the importance of building a strong relationship we always enjoy getting to know companies with great leadership even before they are a fit for our stage of investment.

Early Growth

Most investments from our funds are in Early Growth companies that have a revenue run rate of $1M-$3M and are in a position to be able to leverage capital to rapidly grow revenues while accelerating product development.

We will invest up to $2M in companies at this stage with significant reserves for multiple follow-on rounds of investment.


In select cases, we will make investments in companies that range from being on the precipice of generating revenue up to $1M in revenue run rate. Typically we will invest up to $350k as part of a syndicated investment group in companies at this stage with extensive reserves for follow-on investments in successful companies. The goal of these investments is to get the companies to the Early Growth stage and for our fund to participate in that round of investment.


In select cases, we will make investments of up to $2.5M in companies that range from $3M-$10M in revenue run rate as part of an expansion capital round.