The best way to get our attention on your business plan is to get an introduction to us through one of the many business people who we know. Alternatively, you can look to meet us at one of the many events we attend.

For qualifying companies that meet our initial screening criteria and who have not met with us before we offer monthly 20 minute introductory meetings (in person or by phone) to determine if your company is one we should spend any more time with.

Initial Screening Criteria:

1) You are U.S. headquartered and incorporated company.

2) You are an IT, internet, software or other type of technology company.  No real estate and no services companies please.

3) Your company’s offering does *not* require regulatory approvals (such as FDA) nor changes in existing law in order to have a viable business.  We do not invest in pharmaceutical or medical device companies that require approvals.

4) Quarterly revenue run rate:
Colorado Companies:  We will meet with any stage of revenue including pre-revenue.
Arizona, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming Companies:  Must have initial revenue to qualify.
All other U.S. Companies: must have at least $300,000 revenues in their most recent quarter to qualify.
-If you have greater than $2.5M in quarterly revenue you are too far along for us and do not qualify.

If your company meets the above criteria then you can submit the information in the form below and you will be contacted to schedule a 20 minute introductory meeting.  Initial screening meetings are scheduled in the afternoon on the first Monday of every month.  

Please note, if you do not meet the above criteria and schedule a meeting, the meeting will be ended promptly:


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